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M2 Equipment Sales

Used Equipment


Delta-(copy) large head pressure tester
McGlogan model CS-36 dye circulator pressure tester
Master tool model PT-38 w/ 22 plates- Reconditioned
Iron_tite model 780000 presure tester (2 avail)

Kwik-Way model SVS-II deluxe valve refacer w /4mm chuck -NEW-
Kwik-Way model SVS valve refacer s/n 012-139 new belts wheels and oil G/C
Sioux model 2075 valve refacer G/C
Kwik-Way model EVS valve refacer s/n 1580 new belts wheels and oil G/C
Kwik-Way model VS valve refacer s/n 8066 new belt wheels and oil G/C
K.O. Lee model K403C valve refacer


DCM model HMC2000L valve guide and seat machine w/ guide and seat tooling G/C
Winona model PH2000 seat and guide machine s/n 7450 with lots of tooling
Winona model PH2000 seat and guide machine w/ basic tooling
IDL VanNorman model 650 seat and gude machine s/n 3887 w/ basic tooling G/C
Peterson TCM25 w/ std tooling and 3 mira seat cutting kit VGC


Peterson model RSC1550 surface grinder w/ CBN conversion 61" cap (RECON)
Repco cylinder head and block grinder
Strom 85 Headmaster
Kwik-Way 855 surface grinder
Strom Vulcan Belt Surfacer model 1540A
DCM Tech Belt resurfacing RM2038 20HP motor Pneumatic hold-down
system many fixtures incl. NEW in crate
3Phase converter TP 25HP HD w/ boost capacitors NEW in crate
Berco RSC1550 Head and Block Surface Grinder s/n 1170B Mint Condtion
Peterson RG300/900 Surfacer
Robot Industrial Surface Grinder 18" Table G/C Brown and Sharp magnetic chuck
VanNorman Model 562 serial# 467-754 Surface Grinder Heads and Blocks G/C


Peterson model FG24 s/n 715 3Phase 5HP Baldor Motor Power Feed
DCM model SG1000 flywheel grinder w/ Auto downfeed and finish (Recon)

Peterson/Berco model ACP151 cylinder boring machine
w/ 45 degree /30 degree block fixtures (RECON)
Rottler model F2B cylinder boring machine
w/ 45 degree /30 degree fixtures (RECON)
Rottler model F24 cylinder boring machine w/ fixtures G/C
Kwik-Way model EBF boring fixture w/ FL boring bar (RECON-Like new w/ warranty)
Kwik-Way model FN boring bar s/n 7848 (RECON w/ warranty)
Kwik-Way model FN boring bar s/n 907 (RECON /w warranty)
Kwik-Way model FN boring bar good used machine
VanNorman model 777S boring bar s/n SH3723-372 (REBUILT)
VanNorman boring stand 777S4 boring bar G/C
VanNorman model 944S boring bar G/C
Tobin-ARP model TA15 machine G/C Call!
Tobin-ARP model PM2500 rod boring machine- fully tooled w/ all avail fixtures incl VGC
Kwik-Wat FL Boring bar
Kwik-Way FN Boring Bar VGC
Rottler DA0B ser#647 w/boring stand and (2) boring heads
Kwik-Way Model F Boring Bar ser#6925 G/C

Kwik-Way FN139 Boring Stand Recon pic1 pic2

Sunnen CH100 Red w/ Strorm Boing Bar 4 mandrels Kwikway Line Boring System Pic1 Pic2 Pic3

Peterson model HC1DP Power Stroker with Friction Feed ser# 6766 Excellent Cond. Call Pic1 Pic2

Peterson model RHM700 automatice powerstroker rod hone w/ Sunnen AG300 gage,
diamond manrel (2.10-2.72) (RECON-3 avail)
Sunnen model LBB1499 rod hone w/ manderls, AG300 gage
Sunnen LBB1299 rod hone s/n 16565 w/ journal, pin, piston, king pin manderl,
and AG-300 gage Nice cond
Sunnen MBB625D rod hone s/n 16815 w/ AG 300 gage, piston, and misc manderls G/C
Sunnen LBA bench model rod hone w/ bench, pin, and journal manderls Nice cond
Sunnen LBA bench model rod hone w/ misc manderls
Winona VanNorman CRG170 rod and maincap grinder, Like New $1650 pic1 pic2
Berco SPB rod and maincap grinders, (2 avail- 1 new motor)
Sunnen B10 rod press (RECON) Green
ABOVE with Sunned B-500 tooling pkg
Sunnen CRH50K rod heater
Sunnen B500 Piston press tooling set w/ board
Serv Equip HC1 manual hone, no friction feed)

Sunnen TN111 Rod Aligner Exc Cond.
Sunnen CRG 750 Cap Grinder- Red w/ main cap conversion Sunnen CRG 750 Cap Grinder- Green w/ stnd rod cap Rebuilt

Scledum/Rauro model RG230 crankshaft grinder w/ 60" cap, 2 wheels and hubs,
2 steady rests, continuous grinding gage, face and radius dresser and balancing stand
Seest model MC52 crankshaft grinder 60" cap, 2 wheels and hubs, continous grinding gage,
2 steady rests, face and radiuos dresser, balancing stand and polisher Very Nice
Maxna Flux 72" particle inspection machine w/ 20" coil 5000Amps
VanNorman crankshaft grinder model 439 VCG many extras



Storm Vulcan Mark II jet cleaning machine,pump and motor 1 year old s/n 3001 5HP $7893New
USMU 54" thermal cleaning system w/ oven, blaster, shaker/cooldown unit, 6 baskets,
roolover stand and monorail w/ hoist
AXE SW32 spray washer w/ tank 5HP 230V 3PH Like New
Kwik-Way 215 Typhoon spray washer 5HP, electric heat, 28" dia/ 36" height
Atlas/K-Line KL1027 two hole pin furnace -NEW-
Winona/VanNorman guide knurling kit
Kwik-Way flywheel grinding attachment (for 855-5, 856)
Pollution control products convection oven
AXE parts tumbler- Like new

Kwik-Way model 207 rinse boot, heated w/ air pump
AXE model VF-18 filtrations system
AGI- Lift 200 gal hot tank - Electric

KI Hottank Natural Gas 3yr on Thermal Couple (dim 5'X32"X20") deep G/C
Winona Spraywash Cabinet Model JW36 7.5HP 3-phase 36" table 40" height cap. Natural gas or Propane 24h/7d timer
Turbo Hot-tank Model 301-2 O.D. 74"x53"x27" I.D. 54"x45"x17" 119Gallon Air/Hydraulic Elevator 110,000BTU Call for Price

OTC 3400 digital analyzer (New in 1995- Never used) for gasoline
Newen SM100 spring master cylinder head assymbly bench w/ stand and adapters -NEW DEMO-
Robot General Surface Grinder w/ Brown and Sharp magnetic Chuck
Glendo Accu-Finish diamond tool sharpener single direction VGC

Rels MFG model 504 S.W. combination brake lathe
w/bench and adapters (2 avail new,demo)
Kwik-Way SDL&EL profit pair drum and rotor lathes w/ bench
Ammco model 7000 disk lathe w/ bench
Kwik-Way model SDL rotor lathe w/ bench
Kwik-Way model DL disk lather w/ bench
VanNorman model 204 drum lathe
Lempco drum lathe w/ bench
Barrett drum Dokter -drum lathes- (2 avail)
Ammco 6000 Rotor lathe
Ammco 4000 combo- w/ table
Ammco Model 400 combo disk/drum lathe ser#3385
Ammco 7000 Rotor only lathe
VanNorman model 303 Heavy Duty Drum Lathe